During the first visit

You can expect your child to receive the following:

  • One-on-one age appropriate instruction in proper oral hygiene and diet

  • Cleaning and polishing of the teeth

  • Examination of the teeth and supporting tissues

  • Topical fluoride treatment

  • X-rays, if indicated

Our state of the art office was designed with young children, adolescent, and special needs patients in mind. If your child has had any previous dental experience, we encourage you to have their dental records, including any recent x-rays, forwarded to our office or you may bring them with you.

Please fill out a new patient form in advance and bring it with you to your child's first visit. If your child has any discomfort prior to the appointment, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us.

We look forward to meeting you! 


When should I bring my child for his/her first visit?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends a child’s first visit to the dentist takes place by their first birthday. With that in mind, we will see a child of any age if you have any concerns regarding the health of their teeth.  Our goal is for the first dental visit to be a fun, and positive experience.

How should I prepare my child for their first visit?

Professional dental care is an important part of your child's overall health.  Here are some tips to help prepare your child for their first visit:

  • Emphasize the positive aspects of professional dental care. Tell your child that visiting the dentist will help keep their smile bright and cavity free.

  • Inform your child that the dentist and staff will explain all procedures and answer any questions.

  • It is best to refrain from using words around your child that might cause unnecessary fear, such as needle, pull, drill or hurt. Please DO NOT tell your child that going to the dentist "will not hurt" as this may never have entered their mind.

  • Empower your child to do well and to enjoy their visit to our office and most likely they will!

  • If your child is over the age of 3, we ask that you allow them to accompany our staff for their dental visits. Separation anxiety is not uncommon in children, so please try not to be concerned if your child exhibits some negative behavior. This is normal and will soon diminish once trust is established. We are all highly experienced in helping children overcome anxiety. Studies and our experience have shown that most children over the age of 3 are more likely to react positively when permitted to experience the dental visit on their own and in an environment designed for children.